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Tutoring and Private Lessons

As successful ex-students of Bocconi University and later also tutors of Bocconi students and students from other universities in Milan and Europe and now professionals in our areas of expertise, we offer online tutoring services and high-end private lessons.

Quantitative Sciences

Quantitative Sciences

  • General Mathematics
  • Financial Mathematics


  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
Computer Sciences & Programming

Computer Sciences & Programming

  • Computer Skills
  • Computer Science
Finance & Management

Finance & Management

  • Accounting
  • Financial Markets and Institutions

Delivering tailored solutions

Still as students we have understood that each person has a specific approach to studying and passing exams. The following 4 packages are the most commonly chosen by our students:
Which one suits you the best?

Express Package


For those who appreciate a quick and straight-to-the-point solution.

Smart Package


For those who need to recognize a particular issue and want to focus on it.

Pro Package


For those who search for meticulous knowledge of a specific course and our constant help and support until the exam has been passed.

Front Package


For those who look after a more social and also cost-effective approach to studying organized in groups of up to 4 students.

Guided by k-exP spots

We offer a unique approach to tutoring that has been validated over the years of experience we have gathered as students at Bocconi University and, later, tutoring students and solving a variety of business challenges.

Methodology Graph

© guided by k-exP

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Our approach is founded on k-exP spots, that we apply in teaching through:

Identifying spots in student’s knowledge that need to be improved;

Recognizing spots in student’s skills and experience that need to be developed and improved further for better application and demonstration of the knowledge.

  • Tutor

    Force of interest represents the percentage rate of change of the accumultion factor f(t) and is an important metric when it comes to understanding better the force behind the accumulation factor itself. The following videos explains better the idea behind the most important exercises that describe better the relationship between… Read more

  • Tutor

    An easy way to make an introduction to Financial Calculus is to start with the accumulation and the discount process, two very similar but opposite processes. The videos explains how can the 2 processes be interpreted and introduces 2 very important concepts: the accumulation and the discount factor. Read more

  • Tutor

    Many students who are studying Random Variables are having the most issues with Continuous Random Variables. The video explains the most important concepts regarding the density functions and how to apply the normalization condition. Read more

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A place to bee

A place to bee

Briefing and advising prospective students of Bocconi University, as well as those of other universities, is of key importance in order to be confident that the journey to the university, accommodation seeking and the subsequent exam passing is well organized and guided. Just then, informed and self-assured, one can focus all of his/her energy to what really is important – University enrolment.