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As successful ex-students of Bocconi University and later also tutors of Bocconi students we are acquainted with the Bocconi courses present on your Bocconi agenda and your Bocconi Bboard. We nurture a unique approach to tutoring that has been validated over the years of experience we have gathered as students at Bocconi University and, later, tutoring students and solving a variety of business challenges.

Dejan Djukic

Dejan is an experienced tutor, a seasoned professional and ex-Bocconi student. Over the course of the last 7 years he has tutored hundreds of students.

Nemanja Todorovic

Nemanja is an experienced professional and a Bocconi graduate. His main areas of expertise are Finance, Mathematics and Programming.

Sofija Markovic

Sofija is the head of recruitment and also coordinates all the relationships between the students and their tutors.

Pavle Zoric

Pavle is a Bocconi and LBS graduate with a vast experience in tutoring students. Pavle's areas of expertise are Statistics, Finance and Mathematics.

Chiara D’Ignazio

Chiara is an extremely motivated and hard-working individual, current Bocconi student and already possesses significant professional experience considering her age.

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Accumulation and Discount Processes

An easy way to make an introduction to Financial Calculus is to start with the accumulation and the discount process, two very similar but opposite processes. The videos explains how can the 2 processes be interpreted and introduces 2 very important concepts: the accumulation and the discount factor. Read more