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Force of Interest for One-variable Financial Laws

Posted by on 18 April 2021 in category: Applied Mathematics

Force of interest represents the percentage rate of change of the accumultion factor f(t) and is an important metric when it comes to understanding better the force behind the accumulation factor itself. The following videos explains better the idea behind the most important exercises that describe better the relationship between the force of interest and […]

Accumulation and Discount Processes

Posted by on 17 April 2021 in category: Applied Mathematics

An easy way to make an introduction to Financial Calculus is to start with the accumulation and the discount process, two very similar but opposite processes. The videos explains how can the 2 processes be interpreted and introduces 2 very important concepts: the accumulation and the discount factor.

Continuous Random Variables

Posted by on 16 April 2021 in category: Applied Mathematics

Many students who are studying Random Variables are having the most issues with Continuous Random Variables. The video explains the most important concepts regarding the density functions and how to apply the normalization condition.

The story behind Cum Laude

Posted by on 23 February 2021 in category: Wide Issues

The idea and determination for the creation of Cum Laude Tailored Tutoring comes from many different years of successfully teaching mainly Bocconi students. The vast experience was first accumulated during my years as a student when I noticed that my friends and colleagues often asked me to cover challenging concepts together. They have liked my […]

The idea behind k-exP spots

Posted by on 23 February 2021 in category: Wide Issues

The innovative methodology that Cum Laude and its tutors use, and that is called “k-exP spots,” was not an overnight achievement. It is the result of years of careful analysis of the students’ skills, knowledge, and experience spots that needed to be sharpened using determined methods. As a result, we can identify key experience spots […]

5 reasons why good tutoring is essential

Posted by on 23 February 2021 in category: Wide Issues

Tailor-made learning experience Firstly, you will receive a tailor-made learning experience and a tutor’s undivided attention. During the one hour with a tutor, you can ask for clarifications and stop the lecture whenever in doubt. Moreover, tutors themselves try to make classes as interactive as possible, making one hour not heavy or dull but exciting […]