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Courses and Private Lessons

We are successful ex-students of Bocconi University and now professionals in our areas of expertise.

We offer tutoring services and high-end private lessons for Bocconi students and students from other universities in Milan and Europe. From us and our exeprienced tutors you will get verified and precise information about Bocconi exams and courses, same as you would get them from your Bocconi agenda and Bocconi Bboard. Together with us work smart and efficiently, so that your desired exam grade shows up on your Bocconi agenda and in order to be able to cross one more course from your Bocconi Bboard.

Quantitative Sciences

Quantitative Sciences

  • General Mathematics
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Empirical Methods
  • Applications for Economics and Management
Computer Sciences & Programming

Computer Sciences & Programming

  • Computer Skills
  • Computer Science
  • Python
  • R
  • SQL


  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
Finance & Management

Finance & Management

  • Accounting
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Public Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Management
  • Financial Economics

Delivering tailored solutions

Still as students we have understood that each person has a specific approach to studying and passing exams. The following 4 packages are the most commonly chosen by our students:
Which one suits you the best?


For those who appreciate a quick and straight-to-the-point solution.

Express package is best suited for those students who appreciate the most a quick solution as they have a small amount of time on their disposal prior to the exam.


For those who need to recognize a particular issue and want to focus on it.

Smart package is aimed at students who want to focus on specific issues that prevent them from preparing on their own successfully for an exam.


For those who search for meticulous knowledge of a specific course and our constant help and support until the exam.

Pro package is for students who will leave nothing to chance and who require detailed explanations and meticulous knowledge of a certain subject and constant help and mentorship until the exam is passed successfully. This is the most common package chosen by our students.


For those who look after a more social approach to studying organized in groups of up to 4 students.

Front package is for those who want a social approach and are used to working in small groups where they can exchange knowledge with the rest of the team and jointly prepare for the same exam.

Guided by k-exP spots

We know that knowledge and skills of each student are different, that different people have different approach to studying and passing exams. Because of that we have developed the k-exP spots © methodology that enables us to adapt in the best possible way to different characteristics of every student in order to empower him/her to attain individual university goals in the most efficient way.

We nurture a unique approach to tutoring that has been validated over the years of experience we have gathered as students at Bocconi University and, later, tutoring students and solving a variety of business challenges.

Methodology Graph

© guided by k-exP

Methodology Sign

Our approach is founded on k-exP spots©, that we apply in teaching through:

Identifying spots in student’s knowledge that need to be improved;

Recognizing spots in student’s skills and experience that need to be developed and improved further for better application and demonstration of the knowledge.

Our approach takes into account personalized development of knowledge and skills in students that become an unforgettable experience, usable in all business challenges in student’s later life. Our goal is for the student to pass the exam with the best possible/desired result and to later be able apply that knowledge and those skills successfully in the jobs he/she will be engaged in.


Olivia Serioli-Saleh

Student at Bocconi University

Dejan is a great tutor, who is very clear in explaining the difficult material in a straightforward way. He was able to understand specifically what I lack, giving a more personal approach. We went through the material together alongside exercises and mock exams, which I would continue on my own. He helped me with various exams: two statistics courses, econometrics and advanced microeconomics, all resulting in very good grades. I would highly recommend him and Cum Laude to anyone needing help with similar subjects.

Clemente Apolloni

Former student of Bocconi University

Dejan has been a formidable tutor through my years in Bocconi. His knowledge of the subjects in general and specifically of the Bocconi courses has proved priceless. I was able to save time and perform better in all the exams he has assisted me with. I would recommend Dejan and Cum Laude Tutoring to any college student wanting to take his university career to the next level.

Kassim Abdel Malak

Student at Bocconi University

I met Dejan back in November 2018, from that point on there was never a moment where I felt I didn’t have his full support. That along with his dedication to help you reach your full potential is the reason why over the years I managed to improve constantly not only as a student but as a person as well.


As successful ex-students of Bocconi University and later also tutors of Bocconi students we are acquainted with the Bocconi courses present on your Bocconi agenda and your Bocconi Bboard. We nurture a unique approach to tutoring that has been validated over the years of experience we have gathered as students at Bocconi University and, later, tutoring students and solving a variety of business challenges.

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