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The idea behind k-exP spots

k-exP Spots methodology and its benefits for the students

The innovative methodology that Cum Laude and its tutors use, and that is called “k-exP spots,” was not an overnight achievement. It is the result of years of careful analysis of the students’ skills, knowledge, and experience spots that needed to be sharpened using determined methods. As a result, we can identify key experience spots for each individual that we work with in a personalized manner. This analysis was performed separately by all of us from Cum Laude Tailored Tutoring for our students.

For instance, I have noticed that regarding precisely General Mathematics course, many students who have been continuously failing the exam did not have an issue with the subject being taught at the University. They were having significant difficulties with concepts that should have been known to them from their high school, but, for some reason, there are gaps in their knowledge that we needed to fill in. In this concrete example, the holes are usually those concerning differential procedures, understanding and graphing of basic functions, and, in many instances, the lack of knowledge of introductory algebra. In these cases, the approach that we adopt is where in the first few hours of our lessons, we identify these spots and strengthen the student’s knowledge before building on more challenging concepts required in the Mathematics course.

Another interesting example is the one related to the course of Statistics. As the course progresses, more complicated calculations are required to be done in a relatively short period. Adding the exam pressure on top of that often leads to students making unnecessary calculation mistakes that often result in them receiving half or even zero of the points assigned to that question. In many instances, only the final correct answer is given full points. To avoid this risk, a simple demonstration of the financial calculator was provided to the student in question. The technique taught has managed to significantly decrease both the probability of committing a calculation mistake and the time necessary to produce the final result, leading to further optimization of the time-accuracy trade-off.  

We welcome you to study with us to experience the full potential of the k-exP spots methodology, where every student is offered a tailored and personalized approach.                                                               

Dejan Djukic

Founder of Cum Laude Tailored Tutoring