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The story behind Cum Laude

Cum Laude origins

The idea and determination for the creation of Cum Laude Tailored Tutoring comes from many different years of successfully teaching mainly Bocconi students. The vast experience was first accumulated during my years as a student when I noticed that my friends and colleagues often asked me to cover challenging concepts together. They have liked my way of teaching and knowledge transfer, something that, years later, my students have also confirmed.

Towards the end of my MSc in Finance at Bocconi, I was finishing my internship in the world of Real Estate Finance getting a full time job in the sector. Still, I was struck with the idea to start offering higher-quality private lessons to Bocconi students, to begin with, being still fresh from the university, and tutor those courses that the students usually find the hardest, like Mathematics, Statistics, and Econometrics. My approach was also based on each of my students’ individual needs, and such a tailored-based approach was innovative, and still, to date, no one offers it in the market to this degree. I have started gradually creating an initially small network of students that, in the last seven years, has managed to grow substantially as over a hundred satisfied graduates exist that can confirm my role in their university career and life.

I am still applying my Bocconi knowledge in the management of real estate funds. Nevertheless, my love and devotion to tutoring have never stopped, and I have decided to create a proper tutoring school with my colleagues who share my thoughts and vision and who have had a similar path to mine. We firmly believe that our school will satisfy our students’ needs in full, offering tailored tutoring and personalized experience for each person. The most important lesson I have learned throughout my years as a tutor is that each student requires and benefits the most from a specific approach that needs to be developed to suit his/her needs perfectly. That is a technique that I have mastered together with my colleagues, and we have branded our methodology “k-exP spots”.

Dejan Djukic

Founder of Cum Laude Tailored Tutoring